How to Be an Amazing Sign Language Interpreter

If you can sign and have always dreamed about becoming a sign language interpreter, you might face a massive opportunity: embracing the world of ASL interpreting! In this whitepaper, we look at some valuable information on how aspiring sign language interpreters can prepare themselves for a bright and rewarding career!

Sign language is sometimes the only way to communicate with people from deaf and hard-of-hearing communities. And there are more than 70 million deaf people worldwide who use sign language.

As the world moves toward inclusivity, we must give equal information access to everyone. But what is sign language interpreting, and what does it entail? More importantly, how can you go about the task of becoming a certified, professional sign language interpreter? We discuss all this in the whitepaper.

Becoming a sign language interpreter isn't as easy as knowing sign language. Knowing sign language isn't the only requirement for becoming an interpreter. Knowing ASL is just a start. An interpreter should also learn advanced techniques like transliteration.

The demand for sign language interpreting is on a steady incline. And with the rise of virtual positions, it doesn't look like the demand will drop any time soon. SLI plays an essential role in many industries and is also in demand by government bodies. Naturally, you can earn a competitive sign language interpreter salary if you specialize in a certain area.

Being an SL Interpreter is a career that is rewarding on various levels, from getting paid and also helping people in several areas.

In this free whitepaper, we will tell you everything you need to know about Sign Language Interpreters’ careers, and the different types, as well as share the best tips from our professional team of interpreters and how to become certified.

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This ebook contains these subjects:
  • What Do Sign Language Interpreters Do?
  • Types of Sign Language Interpretation
  • When is Sign Language Interpretation Needed?
  • Who Can be a Sign Language Interpreter?
  • What Do I Need to Become a Sign Language Interpreter?
  • Career Opportunities, and more.
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