Who Uses Interpreting and Translation Services?

by | Mar 21, 2022

If you’re wondering who uses interpreting and translation services, perhaps you should think about who doesn’t instead!

Language services can benefit every business, big or small, regardless of their industry. As globalization opens more countries to the rest of the world, there has never been a better time for multilingual communication.

Globalization and the internet’s wider reach facilitate the growth of countries, economies, and people. And the one almost universal challenge is the language barrier. And that’s where language services come in.

Through interpreting and translation services, the language gap can be solved. This ensures that the right message is delivered and the correct understanding is achieved. Even when dealing with Limited English Proficiency audiences.

While one industry relies more on interpreting of spoken language, others are more often in need of translation. And then, of course, there are industries that depend on both written and spoken language support.

In today’s post, we’ll explore the top industry sectors that have an increasing need for language services like interpretation and translation services!

Who Uses Interpreting and Translation Services?

#1 – Medical Interpreters Services for the Health Care Industry

The health care system is one of the sectors where language interpreters can be the most beneficial. For health care organizations to be efficient, they must understand their patients and vice versa. And that’s why they need medical interpreter services. This is true across the board for emergency room environments and other health care settings.

Proper communication is vital to accurate diagnoses of medical conditions and to provide the patient with the right treatment protocol. In countries like the United States, for example, large non-English communities lead to communication challenges and limited health literacy. Health care providers must therefore take extra measures to ensure patient satisfaction.

Medical interpreter services are not an add-on. It’s critical. Especially in countries with large populations of LEP (limited English proficient) patients, like the United States.

In fact, all healthcare facilities in the United States are required, by law, to provide medical interpreter services to help LEP patients in their native language.

Hospitals and clinics use telephone medical interpreter services, remote medical interpreter services, and on-site medical interpreter services to ensure the language access needs of their patients are met.


#2 – Legal Interpreters and Transcriptionists for Legal Professions Industry

The legal field is another area where the demand for interpreter services and translation is always growing.

Courts in the United States must provide interpreter services for people with limited English proficiency. And there are more than 350 languages other than English spoken in the United States alone.

The demand for legal interpreters far outweighs the supply of skilled linguists. This might lead to postponed or delayed cases since language access is non-negotiable in the legal arena. As with the medical interpreting and health insurance field, over-the-phone interpreters aren’t ideal for this industry as legal documents and proceedings need to be carefully observed for accurate translation and interpretation.


#3 Sign Language Interpreters and Dubbers for the Entertainment Industry

You’ve probably noticed sign language interpreters at TV program productions and live events that are streamed to the public. Entertainment isn’t designed for a single language. And everyone needs access to it, regardless of their native language. This is where interpretation and translation services make a world of difference.

But the entertainment industry also relies on interpreters to make their productions more accessible to global audiences. Interpreters also come in handy for purposes such as interviews and representations that are broadcast to other parts of the world.


#4 – Community Interpreters at Schools and Government Industry

The United States’ immigrant community is growing. And that means so is the demand for language services as many of them are LEP.

Schools with large numbers of immigrant students need to be assisted in a language they can understand. Therefore, the demand for interpretation and translation services is higher than ever before.

Government organizations that offer community services also need translation services and community interpreters to help navigate language barriers and ensure everyone has access to basic needs services.


#5 – Translators and Professional Interpreters for the Humanitarian Services Industry

Private organizations, government agencies, and non-profits that provide humanitarian services need translation services and interpreters to help serve the people. Especially in areas where there are many different languages at play.

The same is true for the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities that need to communicate without spoken language.

Professional interpreters are essential in emergency situations. They help communicate scenarios and the plan that everyone must follow, effectively bridging language barriers where everyone doesn’t speak the same language.

They also relay vital information to first respondents in case of accidents and natural calamity events.


When to Use Interpretation or Translation?

When choosing translations or interpretations, it is helpful to focus your attention on the primary purpose of the conversation. This is especially true when both services can be helpful: meetings including discussions and written text reports are discussed and a presentation is presented. Interpreting services from a qualified interpreter should also be used when a discussion centers on a topic of discussion – a summary. The drafting and translation of the documents will be helpful in ensuring the audience is learning about key topics. When considering whether or not you need interpretation and translation services, the focus should fall on the benefit each will offer for all parties involved. The best interpreter and translator will ensure better communication throughout the conversation.


What If There’s No On-Site Interpreter? Get Instant Language Services Online!

On-demand interpreting services are facilitated through video remote interpreting services from Day Interpreting.

You can download the Day Interpreting App on your Android or iOS smartphone to quickly and easily access professional language interpreter services at the touch of a button. Our on-demand interpreting solution is a modern solution for busy people who deal with multilingual clients.

As long as you’ve got a stable internet connection, you’ve got access to interpretation and translation language solutions on the go.

Are You Ready to Work with a Professional Company for Your Translation and Interpreting Services Needs?

Regardless of whether you need interpreting or translation language services, we’ve got you covered in hundreds of different languages. As a leading language services provider, we offer remote and on-demand interpreting service solutions. Regardless of whether you need a sign language, conference, or medical interpreter, our certified interpreters are here for you!

Our professional interpreters and human translators at Day Translations and Day Interpreting are all native speakers and are based in-country. This means they are not only subject matter experts but are aware of cultural nuances and sensitivities. Our certified interpreters offer language services for a plethora of spoken languages and sign language.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our range of bespoke interpreting services and translation services!

Seldean Smith
Seldean Smith

Seldean is a multi-skilled content wizard that dedicates herself to writing content that goes beyond merely sparking interest in the audience.

Seldean Smith

Seldean is a multi-skilled content wizard that dedicates herself to writing content that goes beyond merely sparking interest in the audience.

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