6 Ways a Language Interpreter Can Support Your Business

by | Jun 6, 2022

Many SMEs and corporate giants have expanded their operations to international markets to increase profitability. And with international markets comes different languages and cultures.

As a result, the need for interpretation services becomes inevitable as businesses seek growth. But even if you have no plans to expand into international markets, we live in a multilingual world with over 7,000 languages. So at one point or another, you will need to use a language interpreter.


Ways Your Business Can Benefit From a Language Interpreter with Native Language Skills

Not everyone can speak English and those that can may still prefer to use their native language in certain situations.

A language interpreter can be useful during:

  • Meetings with international clients and team members
  • Customer service interactions
  • International mergers and acquisitions

For situations like these, having a corporate interpreter or an interpretation service on speed dial has a host of benefits.

For example:

1. Aiding Global Expansion and Breaking Language Barriers

Interpretation services can help you expand your business into global markets while breaking through language barriers. Your interpreter can communicate your company’s mission and selling points to potential partners, clients, and customers. They can also support your marketing team through podcast and video interpretation.

By using an interpreter you can create messages specifically tailored to the needs of the new target market. For example, if you want to sell to Spanish customers, you can get an interpreter to recreate any marketing materials that involve speech.


2. Language Services Improve Business Credibility

Having an interpretation service on retainer will give your credibility an instant boost. It also improves your overall industry terminology. International clients will appreciate that your company can communicate in their language through a qualified interpreter, making the interaction easier for them.

Your clients may not need interpretation services straight away. But knowing that you offer these services to facilitate global communication will be enough to give you a competitive advantage.

Having a language interpreter will show clients that you are willing to go the extra mile for them.


3. Supports Bilingual Employees

Every company usually has one or two bilingual employees who are requested to perform translation services. And often, this isn’t part of their job description, giving them additional work to complete.

Having an on-site interpreter will put an end to this and allow them to focus on their main tasks instead of communication barriers and a different language. So instead of bothering an employee, let a professional interpreter handle your corporate communication.


4. Improves Customer Experience

Customer experience and services are an integral part of any business. Whether you’re selling products or services, your customers are bound to have questions or complaints. People like to speak in their home language. So if you have clients or customers in other countries, it’s important they have the option to connect with you in their own language through language services.

Being able to speak in their native tongue will put their mind at ease and help them communicate their problem or question more effectively. It will also help them relate to your business on a personal level as they feel like you’re speaking the same language.


5. Improves Your Marketing

A language interpreter doesn’t just know another language. They’re also aware of cultural nuances. Having this knowledge will allow you to tailor your marketing material and messaging to your target audience. Your customers will appreciate your company’s effort to meet cultural norms.


6. Introduces Flexibility in Traveling

As a business owner, you may have to travel across the globe for work.  Having a professional interpreter on standby will ensure you can easily communicate in the native language and conduct business efficiently. Whether it’s attending a conference or chairing a meeting, a real-time interpreter will help you break the language barrier and achieve your business goals.


Hire a Professional Language Interpreter

Having professional language services on hand can help improve the overall communication within your business.

It is always best to have another set of eyes on any piece of communication or documentation. Professional interpreters can be an extra set of eyes that ensures your communication is accurate and effective.

Day Interpreting offers both real-time and on-demand interpreters and other language services to fit your interpretation needs. You can request interpretation in any language at any time and a professional interpreter will handle it for you.

Myles O'Bery
Myles O’Bery

Myles writes about Business, Fitness and Finance. When he isn’t writing he’s enjoying Thailand’s laid-back lifestyle.

Myles O'Bery

Myles writes about Business, Fitness and Finance. When he isn't writing he's enjoying Thailand's laid-back lifestyle.

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